CS197U: A Hands-on Introduction to UNIX: Calendar

This course meets for six weeks, twice a week. There are 12 classes. See the UMass Academic Calendar for details about the Monday schedule on Oct. 11.


The following calendar is more general. Please see more official details on Moodle as required.

Class# Weekday Date Subject
1 Tue Sept. 13 Course Overview and Survival Skills 1
2 Thu Sept. 15 Survival Skills 2, Linux Ecosystems
3 Tue Sept. 20 Operating Systems and Permissions
4 Thu Sept. 22 Do it again: Scripting
5 Tue Sept. 27 Processes and Management
6 Thu Sept. 29 Internet Literacy
7 Tue Oct. 4 File Sharing with Rules: Version Control
8 Thu Oct. 6 Privacy and Security
9 Thu Oct. 13 Adv. Topics I: Awk and Sed
10 Tue Oct. 18 Adv. Topics II: Make and ???
11 Thu Oct. 20 Professional Requirements and HTML
12 Tue Oct. 25 Wrap-up, review: What makes a competent UNIX programmer?