CS145: Introduction to Computing

This course is the primary introduction to the Computer Science major or minor at Middlebury College.

This site represents the course for Fall 2021.

Course Description

In this course we will provide a broad introductory overview of the discipline of computer science, with no prerequisites or assumed prior knowledge of computers or programming. A significant component of the course is an introduction to algorithmic concepts and to programming using Python; programming assignments will explore algorithmic strategies such as selection, iteration, divide-and-conquer, and recursion, as well as introducing the Python programming language. Additional topics will include: the structure and organization of computers, the Internet and World Wide Web, abstraction as a means of managing complexity, social and ethical computing issues, and the question "What is computation?" (Juniors and Seniors by waiver) (formerly CSCI 0101) 3 hr. lect./1 hr. lab

CSCI 0145 Middlebury Course Catalog


See more detailed information about the course in the online syllabus.