Updated Deliverables & Rubric

After your prototype presentation, you will formalize your findings from the first half of the project. You will update your goals accordingly, and then propose a final rubric; which we will then use to grade your actual final code submission.

Updates on Deliverables

In this assignment, you will finalize your deliverables for your group's project. This document should include the following three sections:

  1. A paragraph summarizing the progress you have made so far.
  2. A paragraph or list outlining what you plan to complete by the end of the semester.
  3. A description of deliverable items which you may have to scale back or could possibly scale up. (This should be very limited in scope. For instance, let's say you want to implement user accounts in your project. You may not be able to implement user accounts in a secure way by the end of the semester. This is a reasonable concession. An unreasonable concession would be to drop user accounts entirely. If that is the case, your deliverables are too lofty; we should discuss.)

Final Project Rubric

Secondly, you should create a grading rubric to which will be used to assess your final code.

Your grading rubric should include work that you have already implemented, as well as the remaining work that needs to be done on your project.

Your rubric should total 20 points, consist of features that should be complete for your project. Furthermore, you should explain what partial credit looks like for each of those sections.

For example, one item may be a "Search Page" and full points would include all of the items that should be implemented in your search page. Partial credit would be given (and list the number of points) if only a few of those features (which should named) were implemented. No credit would be given if this feature was not implemented.

You will submit this rubric and I will meet with each group individually to discuss it. Once we have agreed upon the rubric, I will used this for grading the final code of your project.