GridEnv Emoji

Our week3 practicals introduce the GridEnv library, which has access to a subset of Emoji from Google's Noto-Emoji font.

Emoji Name Emoji Image
anchor anchor.png
blank blank.png
blowfish blowfish.png
bubbles bubbles.png
carrot carrot.png
cherries cherries.png
coral coral.png
crab crab.png
crocodile crocodile.png
cyclone cyclone.png
desert-island desert-island.png
dolphin dolphin.png
envelope envelope.png
ferry ferry.png
fish fish.png
frog frog.png
gem-stone gem-stone.png
goggles goggles.png
grapes grapes.png
green-apple green-apple.png
houses houses.png
humpback-whale humpback-whale.png
key key.png
kiwi-fruit kiwi-fruit.png
lemon lemon.png
lobster lobster.png
locked locked.png
mango mango.png
octopus octopus.png
oil-drum oil-drum.png
pear pear.png
pineapple pineapple.png
question question.png
red-apple red-apple.png
ring-buoy ring-buoy.png
rock rock.png
sailboat sailboat.png
seal seal.png
shark shark.png
shell shell.png
ship ship.png
shrimp shrimp.png
snail snail.png
speech-bubble speech-bubble.png
speedboat speedboat.png
squid squid.png
star star.png
strawberry strawberry.png
tangerine tangerine.png
tropical-fish tropical-fish.png
turtle turtle.png
volcano volcano.png
watermelon watermelon.png
whale whale.png
worm worm.png
down-arrow down-arrow.png
left-arrow left-arrow.png
right-arrow right-arrow.png
up-arrow up-arrow.png
Shape Name Image
yellow-circle yellow-circle.png
yellow-heart yellow-heart.png
yellow-square yellow-square.png
red-circle red-circle.png
red-heart red-heart.png
red-square red-square.png
purple-circle purple-circle.png
purple-heart purple-heart.png
purple-square purple-square.png
green-circle green-circle.png
green-heart green-heart.png
green-square green-square.png
blue-circle blue-circle.png
blue-heart blue-heart.png
blue-square blue-square.png
white-circle white-circle.png
white-heart white-heart.png
white-square white-square.png
black-circle black-circle.png
black-heart black-heart.png
black-square black-square.png