Array-Based Lists: FixedSizeList & GrowableList (aka ArrayList)

We build up to understanding ArrayLists by thinking about what an Array does and does not give us -- from ArrayWrapper (just an array) to FixedSizeList (with a fill pointer) to ArrayList which also has an exponential growth strategy.

What's an ArrayWrapper? (2:45)

slideToTheLeft Code Discussion (3:03)

ArrayWrapper to FixedSizeList to ArrayList/GrowableList (1:56)

FixedSizeList Class Tour (1:47)

FixedSizeList Visual/Mental Model (2:19)

FixedSizeList removeIndex(2) Visual Example (1:33)

FixedSizeList addBack (1:49)

FixedSizeList removeIndex Code (2:25)

FixedSizeList to ArrayList Plan & Visual (3:28)

ArrayList/GrowableList resizeArray (0:58)

ArrayList Conclusions & Core Challanges (2:54)