Intro to Graphs & Graph Algorithms

The goal of this section of the course is to complete our story-telling about graph-reasoning. We don't study graphs deeply (or have an assignment to implement these algorithms).

Opinion: However, the whole point of studying Singly-Linked-Lists, Doubly-Linked-Lists, then Trees is so we can get to Graphs. So I try to give a broad sense of how graphs are important here and how they're used. Algorithms or an AI course will cover graphs far more deeply.

Why we study Graphs... (2:38)

IsThisWinnable (Recursive) (2:19)

IsThisWinnable (Iterative) (2:07)

Terminology used in Graph Search (2:13)

SpookyMansion: Depth-First-Search (1:36)

Depth-First-Search Application: Maze Generation (1:02)

Weaknesses of Depth-First-Search (1:38)

Breadth-First-Search (2:56)

Weight-Based Graph Searching (A*, Shortest-Path-First) (5:18)