Sorting (Part 2): Insertion, Selection and Merge Sort

This lecture introduces some other sorts (for some sort of breadth) but focuses on Merge Sort, which (Opinion) is the only sort any practicing Computer Scientist really needs to know deeply, since its pieces are so critical to big-data algorithms. Most of the other sorts are neat, but don't have applications to other domains.

Insertion Sort (5:29)

Selection Sort (4:44)

MergeSort combineTwoSortedLists (Ex. 1) (3:24)

MergeSort combineTwoSortedLists (pseudocode) (1:32)

MergeSort intuition (from combineTwoSortedLists) (1:36)

MergeSort: Iterative (3:30)

MergeSort: Recursive (3:16)

MergeSort: Small Example (5:04)

MergeSort: Big Example & Complexity (9:08)