Intro to Trees

This is a very broad intro to Trees, which come up all over in CS, so I try to emphasize that even though you'll probably never write a BST and you'll probably only use it through the Map interface, trees come up throughout many other applications and therefore they're worth learning about.

What is a Tree? (5:25)

Tree Terminology (2:14)

Tree Node Definition (1:41)

Tree Node Definition Drawing (1:05)

Trees to TreeSet and TreeMap (4:48)

Complexity in TreeSet and TreeMap (5:17)

Balancing and Tree Operation Complexity (4:15)

What is a Binary Tree? (+BTree) (6:41)

Tree Traverals and Math Expression Example (6:45)

Code for In-Order Tree Traversal (3:41)

Code for Tree Traversals (all at once) (4:43)

Applications of Trees (4:58)

Trees Recap (1:26)